StepMums' Brunch is an exclusive event being held to acknowledge, celebrate and honor StepMothers and the wonderful contributions that they make to their families.
Are you a stepmother?

This is an affair to celebrate

you and the amazing impact

that you have upon your family.

Book your invite now to be a part of this exclusive affair.

    Fashionable StepMum

    She is a certified Image Consultant and also the founder of Image Redefined.She is also a StepMother and she will also share her journey of being in a blended family.

    Susan Wanjiku

    She is a Financial Consultant and Personal Finance and Business Coach. Join her for an exclusive financial session where we will discuss family finances, financial laws, your financial rights within a blended family, how to protect your financial interests and the importance of having a financial life coach.

    Teacher Wanjiku

    She is a StepMother and also a guest speaker at StepMum’s Brunch.Join her for an exclusive session as she shares her personal story and her journey of being in a blended family.

    MC Lotan

    He is an elite Masters’ of Ceremony.

    Dr. Kristina Sule

    She is a practicing Obstetrician Gynecologist. Join her for an exclusive health session where we will discuss Family Health, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Contraception, Menopause and numerous other topics centered on Reproductive Health and Women’s Wellness.

    DJ Tectoniq

    He is an elite DJ and Events consultant