Outdated Makeup Trends to Ditch

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Keeping up with trends, be it in fashion or makeup, has helped me to stay in style and avoid looking outdated.

Trends come and go, so, it’s important to keep yourself updated with latest trends.

outdated makeup trends

The right makeup products can be miracle workers. However, some outdated makeup trends can make us look older and tacky.

In this article, I have rounded up some of the most outdated trends in makeup and why you need to ditch them.

Super thin eyebrows

This should come as a no-brainer.

Surprisingly, though, there are women who still go overboard with plucking their eyebrows. Even worse, they then go on top with a black eyebrow and draw one thin line. Yikes!

Source: Vogue

This outdated makeup trend comes on top of my list because the in thing right now is fuller and more natural brows. They also look too harsh and don’t do much to help frame your face.

Too Dark Lip Liner

In the 90’s it was trendy to outline your lips with a dark brown or black lip liner then layer a light lipstick over it.

These days, not so much. Using an extremely dark liner is now considered an outdated makeup trend.

What’s acceptable these days is lining your lips with a nude or coloured lip pencil, and then apply a matching lipstick shade to blend it perfectly.

Overusing Blush

When I think of using too much blush, I think of a clown. And that’s exactly what you look like when you overuse pink or purple blush.

outdated makeup trends

To pull off a makeup look with blush, always choose a blush shade that’s closer to your skin tone instead of using pink.

Corals, oranges, berries, and rich bronzes complement darker complexions.

If you can’t find a good tone, skip using blush altogether.

Black eyeliner under the eye

Using a black liner under your eyes tends to make your eyes look smaller and droopy.

Instead of a dark liner, using a soft-toned pencil on the lash line will help brighten your eyes. You could also skip out on it and use mascara instead to open up your eyes.

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