About Me

My name is Catherine, the creator of Fashionable Stepmum. The blog was created to highlight my transition from a single girl to a step mum. It also shows my style evolution over the years.

Step mothering is one of the most difficult tasks with challenges and difficulties that are rarely recognized, understood or appreciated by anyone aside from those living that reality.

This blog is for those courageous ladies who take on the step mothering challenge; I hope my blog can offer helpful hints and a space for sharing, support and celebration.

I also share with you how my love for fashion has helped me get through the greatest adventure yet, of raising a blended family and finding my peaceful step-mum’s happily ever after!!!

I am a step mum of 6 children  and a kick-ass wife of the man who makes it all worth it.

Kindly note that this is my story, not the story of my step children or their mothers. That is theirs to tell if and when they choose to do so.