Easter Dressing Tips For 2021

Easter is around the corner and we can’t help but look forward to the first holiday of the year after Christmas!!! It’s a season when everyone is celebrating and enjoying and what better time to look the part?! Planning what to wear on Easter is one of the toughest tasks as everyone wants to look their best, especially for church and family gatherings. Before you go shopping for outfits, you have to understand the different activities on Easter. There is the Easter Sunday church service and family brunch. Have in mind where all these activities will take place so that you may have the right attire according to the location of the events. However, this shouldn’t worry you much. Here are some dressing tips you can use this Easter so you can look your best and most presentable:


Your style of dressing should be modest. The purpose of Easter is to worship God and spend time with your family. Both occasions require you to be modest. Therefore, a little respect for what you wear is important. If you are not sure if the dress or skirt you are wearing is too short, then it probably is too short.


You can wear a floral or patterned dress. To avoid competition between the dress and the accessories, keep the accessories pretty simple. Jewellery wise, simple pearl earrings are all you need and maybe a simple clutch.

Pearls & Other Accessories

Easter accessories should definitely compliment the celebration. There are still traditional accessories. But try out the more modern accessories which create looks that define your style. It might be a hat, scarves, handbags or gemstones, such as pearl jewellery.


It is not a must for you to be a designer to know that shoes must be coordinated with the style and the colours of your outfit. For greater versatility, you can go for shoes that are of nude shade and can later be worn with other outfits.

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