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Just because you are 50 and above does not mean you throw fashion and style out of the window. As a matter of fact, this is your time to shine as you are most likely an empty nester with lots of time on your hands to live as though you are in your 20s once again. As an image consultant, it goes without saying that age has nothing to do with style. The trick lies in knowing your body type, the colours that go well with your skin type and knowing how to style pieces in your wardrobe. Here are a few style tips for women over 50 that you too can tap into and bring out your best style yet.

  • Invest in Staples

These are the foundation of any wardrobe whether you are 20 or 60. Get a well fitted white blazer, cream top and a black sweater. These are pieces that wont fade away and they help you look timeless, chic and sophisticated.

  • Go for Dainty Jewelry

I am not 50 yet but I am a lover of soft dainty pieces like gold earrings and matching necklace. As you get to 50, the smaller the better. You will look sophisticated, clean and well put together. It is easier to rock your style in your 50s with a minimalist approach to jewelry.

  • Get a good bag

Invest in a nice bag as it will not only accessorize your outfit but also be functional and elevate your general outlook. If you are a woman in your 50s, carry a “power” bag that demands attention.

  • Get the right bra

When you are over 50, make sure you get a bra that is properly fitted. This is important as it will dictate how the clothes layer on top. Wondering how to get the right fitting bras? Benchmark on this article.

  • Do not shy away from colour

Just because you are over 50 does not mean you wear black and grey only. Contrary to the opinion that it would make you look immature and obnoxious, a pop of colour would actually make you look younger and sophisticated instantly.

  • Find the right jeans

The right size of denim would help you look updated and also sophisticated. For a work setting, dark denim would be more polished as it reads more professional than wash denim.

  • Mind your knees when it comes to skirts

I am of the opinion that when it gets to a certain age, you will want to keep your skirts on or below the knees no matter how beautiful your legs are. It looks more appropriate and you will not look like you are trying too hard to look young.

  • Make a statement with your watch

Fashion is always changing but as the young lads say these days, drip is timeless. Invest in a good quality watch that is both dainty and stylish.

For everyone above 50, it is not the end of looking stylish. It is just the beginning of another era that allows you to age gracefully. Which of these style tips for women over 50 do you resonate with the most?

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