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The Russian Manicure and Why You Should Try It

Russian Manicure

A manicure is one of the many great ways to take care of your nails and cuticles without the hassle of doing it yourself, plus the added bonus of escaping the busy household and having some quality me-time. Who doesn’t love to get pampered every once and a while? But do you know why a Russian manicure needs to be your next nail appointment? No? Keep reading to find out why.

Unlike traditional manicures, the Russian manicure is one of those beauty habits that many European women swear by. Though this technique is not well-known in Kenya, the practice is still done by many nail professionals here. This manicure requires a skilled nail technician because it involves prowess and attention to detail.

How is the Russian manicure done?

When you go get your nails done, it is normal for nail technicians to push back or cut your cuticles. Right? This is done to elongate the nail as a whole. And, if you have naturally short nails, this is normally a staple for you.

Cutting your cuticles with a nipper tends to have the most uneven and on occasion, painful, results. You know that feeling when the nail technician pierces the skin and cuts too deeply into the skin? Not only does it hurt like crazy (especially once the polish is applied), it also remains sore and inflamed for days after. Nothing is worse for your nails than having inflamed, stinging sores that have to heal around your nail polish.

The Russian manicure, on the other hand, focuses on removing the cuticle with an electronic filer and leave exceptional clean cuticles. With this technique, your nails are perfectly and painlessly trimmed and smoothed around the edges.

Where in Kenya Can I get this?

Beauty Point is one of the places that you can get a Russian Manicure here in Kenya. At Beauty Point, the chic nail salon is the perfect background for me-time and ideal Instagram Story videos! Their nail technicians give you the best manicures in town with the standard nail shaping, hand massage, and your choice of polish. The Russian manicure is available with a normal polish or gel polish, either of which will benefit from the e-file technique. (You have to try it to see the hype over it!)

The parlour is located in Village Market and they do this at reasonable prices and excellent service. Watch how I got my manicure here!

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