Why These 5 Red Flags Mean Trouble For Your Relationship
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

It’s commonly said that relationships are a lot of work. While this is true, so many people get it twisted. A lot of people hold on to relationships that are not only unhealthy but also not worth the effort. I know — no one’s perfect but there has to be a limit as to just how much crap you can take from someone. And that’s why we should be very keen on red flags. Red flags are negative aspects in a relationship that means the relationship isn’t going anywhere and if there is a future for the relationship, the relationship will always have problems. Here top 5 of the most common red flags you shouldn’t ignore no matter how good you think you have it with your partner:

They rush a new relationship forward too quickly

If you’ve just started dating someone and they are already talking about moving in together, marriage and starting a life together, that’s a huge red flag that you can’t afford to ignore. Sure, there are people who meet and in a span of a few months, they’re happily married. But how often does that happen? Rarely. So be careful when someone is all over you and moving things too quickly even though you’ve known them for a short time. They could be planning to take advantage of you.

They constantly deny, criticize or dismiss you

How are conversations with your significant other? Do you feel listened to? Or do you feel as though you can’t get your opinions heard? All couples have disagreements — that’s perfectly normal and healthy. But it’s how you handle those disagreements that can really make or break things. Does your partner walk away? Shut down? Place all the blame on you? Throw a tantrum? These are all red flags.

They constantly test your boundaries

By now, you should know that any healthy relationship should have boundaries. It’s what keeps the respect in a relationship. However, in an unhealthy relationship, you find that even though you have communicated your boundaries with your partner, they are constantly testing them. If you find yourself having the same conversations over and over again, that person is knowingly testing your boundaries and that’s a red flag you shouldn’t ignore.

They have a massive sense of entitlement

If you are in a relationship with someone who feels entitled to you doing more for them than what is equal in a relationship, that’s a huge red flag. That is a characteristic for someone who uses people. If they’re comfortable with using you then they don’t really care about you. It’s even worse if they ask for your help and if you aren’t in a position to meet their needs, they get overly emotional about it and try to guilt you for not being able to do so.

They refuse to make your relationship public

Some people simply don’t like splashing their personal life onto social media or even talking much about their feelings with friends, but that’s different from flat-out hiding your partnership, which is about as glaringly red as a flag can get!

Do these red flags make sense? If you have experienced any of this, it’s time to talk about them with your partner and if they don’t receive it well, then it may be time to end the relationship.

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