Any company, large or small, values time because time is money, literally. Mastering the art of getting things done or otherwise known, productivity, therefore, proves very important to creating and maintaining success. Even though productivity among employees is affected by other factors such as company culture, employee welfare and salaries, office space still plays a huge role. Whether it’s the temperature, the atmosphere, or the noise levels, research has proven that for employees to be productive, they need to be in an office space that makes them feel relaxed and comfortable. With this in mind, it’s important that your office space is set up to be the best possible working environment it can be—to increase your employees’ productivity.

Room Colour

How to Make Your Office Space Productive | Fashionable Step Mum

As important as it is to have the right colours in your home, so is it when it comes to choosing colours for your office space. The colours around us all have an effect on our moods and brain function. Colours tend to evoke both a physical and emotional response. Colours such as green, blue, red and pink can increase productive when painted in office spaces. Be careful, though, too much of anything can be overwhelming, even colour. So balance the colours out.

Open plan vs closed cubicles

Recently, the latest office space trend has been to have an open environment for higher productivity levels. The logic behind this makes sense. That employees will be happier and more productive if they work together instead of being isolated in closed office spaces. Open-plan offices allow for social interaction and make individuals feel less isolated. The open design can also allow for spontaneous interjections and helps to promote creativity.

Windows and lighting

If you can’t see well, you can’t work well. Poor lighting causes eye strain, headaches, fatigue, stress, and a host of other problems, both physical and mental. One of the easiest things you can do to make your employees more productive in any office space is to improve the lighting. If possible, provide access to natural light because it’s bright, it makes people happy, and it’s free!

Introduce some greenery

How to Make Your Office Space Productive | Fashionable Step Mum

While most jobs unfortunately can’t be conducted on a beachfront veranda, adding a touch of nature to an indoor office space guarantees improved productivity levels among employees. Objects like plants in workspaces encourage more psychological engagement than do ultra-modern, sterile spaces.

Wall art

Art hanged in office spaces that convey the company’s core values is great for encouraging employees to be productive. The art you choose should communicate the company’s ideas, mission, achievements, and social initiatives. This is a great way to remind both your clients and your employees what you are all about. On the other hand, art that has bold and bright colours brings positive vibes into the office, improves efficiency and focus, and increases brain activity.

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