Fashion: Size Doesn't Matter, Fit Does

We are seem to live in a world obsessed with fitting into one size. If only we all could lose weight and have a perfect Beyoncé body. But the truth is, we will never look the same even if we tried. If you are there thinking that you need to lose weight or reach a certain size to look good in anything you buy, you might be wrong. Don’t beat yourself down because you are not the same size as your thin looking friend. If you really want to look good in anything you wear, you should look for clothes with the best fit and those that flatter your body best.

The truth is that dressing your best is based on your shape, not on your measurements, or some false belief that you must be a size 0 to wear stylish clothes…because size doesn’t matter! I get it, though. As women, we are inundated with images and messages that suggest we must be photoshop thin to look good and wear fashionable clothes.

Why Fit Matters More

Choosing clothes based on how they fit rather than the size is the key to buying the right clothes for you — based on where you shop, your size will change anyway!

Here are some tips you can use the next time you go shopping so that you ensure you have the right fit:

  • The shoulder of any jacket, blouse or tee should land on your shoulder — right above your armpit and not further down your arm.
  • There should never be any gaps on the front of a shirt — you need to leave something to the imagination! If this happens, and your shirt seems to fit, you can add a hidden button.
  • If there is any pulling between your shoulder blades, you need a bigger size.
  • Any sagging material between your shoulder blades could indicate you need a smaller size or a camisole.
  • If you see any sagging in the crotch of your pants, it most likely means the rise of that style isn’t right for you.
  • Check your jeans + pants for any smiling or frowning across your hips (aka whiskering). See either of these? This indicates they are either too tight or too loose. Try a size up or down.
  • A pencil skirt should have no crinkling at the hips.
  • And if the hemline of your dress isn’t even all the way around, you may need the help of a tailor.

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