5 Intimate Ways You Can Celebrate Valentine's Day This Year
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Plan a mini getaway

A mini getaway will do your relationship some good this Valentine’s Day, especially if you have been together for a long time. A change of scenery can really help reignite your feelings and passion for each other especially if you lead busy lives with jobs and kids. Consider renting a hotel room complete with rose petals on the bed, champagne chilling in a bucket of ice chips, and a bathtub fit for two. Getting out of the house and breaking away from your regular routine is the best way to ensure you devote your time and attention to your partner.

Buy tickets to a show or event

If you and your partner have a thing that you are both passionate about, such as music, now’s your chance. There are so many events that will be running this Valentine’s weekend so you have no excuse to stay bored. Spending time together by watching your favourite singer/band perform or laughing together as a hilarious comedian cracks jokes are all fantastic ways to connect during Valentine’s Day.

Book a table at a fancy restaurant

And if you both enjoy a romantic dinner, there are lots of restaurants in and out of Nairobi worth spending to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Book a table at an upscale spot because you and your love deserve to dine by candlelight at a fancy restaurant in dressy outfits. Use this special day as the setting of your romantic evening.

Do dinner and a movie at home

If you’re budget-conscious or you prefer a simpler celebration, consider cooking dinner, indulging in sweet treats, and watching a romantic Netflix movie at home in honour of Valentine’s Day. Choosing to stay in can be just as romantic as going out for a night on the town or planning a getaway.

Go for a drive

No destination? No problem. All you need for this fun Valentine’s Day activity is a sense of adventure and a full tank of gas! You’ll both get out of your comfort zones while you explore new terrain. There’s no telling what you might stumble across.

There is so much pressure to make Valentine’s Day extra-special each year, but in all honesty, I think the most important Valentine’s Day gift is time spent together.

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