Makeup Tips Women Over 40 Should Use to Look Younger
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As we age, so does our skin. Because of this, products and skincare routines that once worked for us in our 20s or 30s no longer work when we reach 40. By the time you are hitting 40 years, you have probably started to notice lines around the mouth, the forehead, and the eyes. And because of these changes on the skin, you have also noticed that when you put on makeup, it sits differently on your face. This doesn’t mean that you should stop doing your makeup altogether. There are proven makeup tips and tricks that women who are over 40 like you can use to look younger and flawless.

Use dewy foundation

As you age, skin tends to lose moisture, nutrients, and natural oils, resulting in skin that looks and feels drier. And even though you once had oily or combination skin, your skin becomes dry by default. For this reason, the number one makeup tip women over 40 should remember is to avoid matte foundations and go for more dewy ones.

Matte foundations will dry out the skin more than it already is and define wrinkles you may have on your eyes and around the mouth. A dewy foundation is best because not only does it give the skin a glow but also moisturizes the face.

To open your eyes

Getting older means that your eyes are also affected. Wrinkles around the eye and on the eyelids can make the eyes look droopy and tired. Therefore, to make the eyes look awake and more youthful, women who are over 40 can use a few tips such as using concealer, eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Right after foundation, if you have wrinkles under and around your eyes, a little concealer that’s heavy on the skin is recommended. Choose one that’s creamy instead of liquid so that it doesn’t run and define the wrinkles.

Next, you can use a bit of concealer on the eyelids then follow with some nude eyeshadow. Avoid glittery and heavy eyeshadow because what it does is sit on the wrinkles and make them visible.

As for eyeliner, go over the top lashes with a brown liner rather than the lower lash. This will give an illusion of fuller lashes because, at this age, lashes tend to thin out.

Mascara is a must for that wide-awake look in the eyes. When choosing a mascara, women over 40 should go for those that add volume on the lashes.

Choose lipstick over gloss

Lip gloss tends to move around the mouth and seep into those pesky lip lines, emphasizing their existence. So stop wearing lip gloss at all costs after 40. Instead of lip gloss, go for a lipstick with a liner because this will make your lips appear fuller instead.

Contour, highlight and blend like crazy

Contouring and highlighting might look as if it’s a beauty trend for the young, but you can actually use this makeup trick if you’re over 40 to shed off some years from your face. Use a darker contour palette than your foundation and glaze it over your jaw, under cheek bones and forehead. Make sure to blend with a moist blender to ensure that there aren’t any harsh lines on your face.

Finally, use a highlighter to give your face the definition we tend to lose as we age and to hide shadows. Apply it on cheek bones, on the tip of your nose and forehead.

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