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Focus Better: How To Stop Getting Distracted Easily

Focus Better: How To Stop Getting Distracted Easily

Focus Better: How To Stop Getting Distracted Easily
How To Avoid Getting Distracted Easily

Ever gotten to work and you stare at your computer for hours feeling blank? Or have you peeked at your phone and now it is almost midday and you have not done anything constructive yet? Worse still, are you working from home and you just cannot manage to get things done thanks to kids running around, the TV being on and being consulted by the house help every 5 minutes on what to cook? I understand every one of these scenarios and thought about these tips to help you concentrate better at your work. The bottom line is to keep everything organized, be aware of your hyperactive mind that will most likely lose concentration and work mindfully on how to stop getting distracted easily.

  • Write a To-Do List

As simple as it may sound, this actually helps you stay on track with your work. The ten minutes you spend at the end of the day to note down what is expected of you the next day goes a long way. It prepares you psychologically for what is expected of you the next day. You can also compartmentalize your work from the simplest tasks to those that are most challenging or vice versa.

When your work day starts, you know what you are going to start with and this will help you not get distracted.

  • Keep Things Simple

Do not complicate your work days. Some days are not actually as hard as you make them feel. Think through those individuals tasks and get yourself mentally ready. Also, break down individual tasks into smaller portions. You will feel much better when you complete the work in steps as opposed to doing one big thing at a go. It is what I call eating the elephant.

  • Do One Thing At A Time

Some people will claim that they are good at multitasking and will jump from one activity to the next and at the end of the day, they have not finished any of the tasks they were doing. The moment you decide to tackle different tasks, your concentration drops and this invites distractions. I would suggest you get done with one task first before jumping onto the next. This keep your mind grounded and attention span longer.

  • Do Away With The Distractions

You cannot have 23 open tabs on your computer with your social media popping in with notifications and expect not to get distracted. Close all unnecessary tabs, mute notifications and have only those that you are working on at he moment. It is so easy to get sucked into an interesting person’s Instagram stories or waiting on a premiere by your favourite YouTuber.

Also, if you are in a busy workplace where you can hear cars hooting or those loud coworkers, get those noise cancelling earphones or put on a nice playlist that helps you concentrate on your work.

  • Let Others Know You Need To Concentrate

Put a no-disturb sign on your door if you need to. Tell your children and nanny that they should not come to your office when you are working from home until you are done.

  • Take Needed Breaks

Do not work till you drop as you might hurt your mental or physical health. Get out of your desk, stretch a bit, go to the break room, get something to eat and have a breather.

  • Time Your Activities

If a task is supposed to take you two hours, time yourself. Set a timer or alarm. This will keep you on your toes and you will be able to stop getting distracted easily.

At the end of the day, you need to keep yourself accountable and work on doing away with any distractions. You have to have a strong desire to get things going and finish on time. Put in effort on how to stop getting distracted easily and take charge of your work life to improve productivity.

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