Long Distance Relationships
Long Distance Relationships

Relationships are generally hard. So if you are in a long distance relationship, it must be even harder for you.

Truth is, the majority of the couples in long distance relationships are statistically doomed to fail and break up.

However, there are still some couples who certainly succeed in this type of relationship, but it involves a lot of work and dedication.

In this article, we will look at why long distance relationships don’t work (most of the time):

Lack of physical intimacy

In as much as we hate to admit it, humans need physical touch especially in relationships.

Hugs, kisses and even sex are an essential part of a successful relationship because they make you feel connected to your partner.

Sure, it easy at the initial stages of a long distance relationship not to crave these, but with time it becomes unbearable.

Communication issues

With long distance relationships, the primary way of communication is through texts, calls and video calls. However, even with advanced technology, communication issues always arise.

For one, if you are in different time zones, one person could be busy while the other one is free. This then contributes to feelings of frustrations if one person can’t reach the other.

Second, nothing beats physically seeing one another and talking face to face with your partner. There are a lot of things involved in communication such as physical touch. This gets lost in a simple video calls.

Jealousy and Mistrust

When you aren’t near your partner, you can’t help but second guess what they are doing and who they are with.

This can especially be heightened if you are an over-thinker. You tend to imagine the worst scenarios, obsessing over the terrible things that could happen and sometimes thinking that your partner will cheat on you.

This will slowly kill your relationship by bringing about feelings of mistrust and jealousy.


The real reason why we get into relationships is for companionship.

Now, with long distance relationships, no matter the hundreds of calls and texts you exchange, you can’t help but feel lonely. You always long for someone to hold or come back home to after a long stressful day.

Lack of involvement

When your partner is actually physically involved in your life, there is a feeling of connection. You feel there’s someone you can lean on and involve in your plans.

With long distance relationships, you both live separate lives. You interact with different people and live in different worlds. This can lead to feelings of your partner not being involved in your life and frustrations will then follow.

It will start to become boring

Long distance relationships are primarily based on communication with either calls, texts or video calls. At some point, this routine will start being boring and no longer interesting.

Someone might cheat

There’s no sugarcoating this. At some point, due to communication barriers, loneliness and lack of physical intimacy, someone might end up cheating.

It might not even be planned. It could happen when you both least expect it.

It can be as simple as getting attention from someone of the opposite sex and you being vulnerable.

Even with all the cons, long-distance relationships are not hopeless. With the right mindset, plenty of emotional preparation and lots of work throughout, these relationships can and do work out.

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