How To Treat A Hangover

Coming down with a hangover after a heavy night out? Feeling drained and you are swearing never to touch alcohol ever again? Do you have a splitting headache and you just want to feel better? Hangovers can make you hate partying and drinking as a whole so wondering how to treat a hangover and make your drinking sprees more forgiving? Keep it right here.

There is nothing like too much water

Drink water

Drink plenty of water before, during and after drinking. Ensure that you are taking water any chance you get. Going for a bathroom break, chug down a glass. Getting a refill, drink up some water. As soon as you get home, more water and in the morning, even more water.

Hangovers are as a result of dehydration so if you keep replenishing water to your body, you have a better chance of not suffering from a crazy hangover the next day.

Snack up

Another reason we get hangovered is because of low sugar levels. Raise those sugar levels by snacking on something sweet. A snack such as bread will help boost your blood sugar levels, improve your energy as well as settle your stomach.

Take a pain killer

Just because you have high pain tolerance does not mean you should not work on alleviating the pain caused by the hangover headache. Get pain medication, take with plenty of water and bring yourself back to life.

Get plenty of sleep

Going to bed at 3 am and being up by 5 am after a heavy nigh of drinking will only worsen the hangover situation. Get in more sleep when you have a hangover. It will help your body rejuvenate and spring back better after a hard night of partying.

Hangovers should not kill your good vibes. Work on avoiding them even before drinking begins. Ensure that you have eaten well and keep your water intake high. Also, buy good quality liquor. What is your go to hack for how to treat a hangover?

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