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What Happens During a Colour Consultation

Image: What Happens During a Colour Consultation

What Happens During a Colour Consultation

By now, you already know that the process of transforming your image is a long and tedious one, right? And one of these many steps that you have to go through with your image consultant is colour consultation. What is colour consultation you ask? It is a process where you and your image consultant sit down and analyze the colours that best complement you. Yes, not all colours will look good on you even though a dress or top fits you like a glove. Here’s a scenario that can best explain what I’m talking about: Have you ever bought or borrowed an outfit that looked good on someone else who is your exact size and body shape but ended up looking awful on you? It wasn’t how it fit — in fact, it fitted perfectly, but somehow there was just something off about it. It had to do with COLOUR and that is why colour consultation is one of the most important sessions in image consultancy. Here are some of the things you can expect during a colour consultation session:

You will take a personality test

A personality test will help determine which colours look good on you and complement the kind of person you are. We have cool and clear, warm and clear, warm and muted and cool and muted personalities — a personality test will help identify where exactly you fall.

Your image consultant will determine your undertone

Using fabric panels placed against your skin, your image consultant will determine what your colour sub-categories and at the end, present you with colours that are best suited for you.

A Colour Consultation is important because it has the power to:

  • alter apparent body shape, making areas appear larger or smaller
  • make a person appear more youthful or mature
  • change impressions making a person appear healthy and vibrant or, ill and lethargic
  • alter the mood of the wearer and those around them

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