One of the processes you have to go through when you hire an image consultant is Style Consultation. Style consultation basically entails a conversation about your lifestyle and the kind of style that merges with it. Whether you are in the corporate world or business or casual, a style consultation involves being able to merge your personal style with your everyday life. Here are the essential things that you should expect in a style consultation session:

Full body measurements

This is probably the most important process of the style consultation because it is when your image consultant determines your body shape. This will be determined by the outcome of your body measurements. Your image consultant will take body measurements of your bust, waist, hips and bottom and using a special body shape calculator determine which body shape you are. Your body type/shape is important because it helps your image consultant determine which clothes best flatter you and which don’t.

Fashion inspirations

In a style consultation, you will also discuss with your image consultant who your fashion icons are. That is, the people you look up to or look for inspiration when it comes to dressing up. It could be a fashion influencer, a celebrity or abstract — it doesn’t matter. This will help your image consultant help and guide you to adapt this style into your own.

Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle, as you will realize in your style consultation session is very important when it comes to completely transforming your image. Whether you would like to discuss your need for occasion wear, workwear, or how to dress-up day-to-day essentials for a more elevated yet casual look, a style consultation will help in reinventing your image.

Your style is completely unique to you: what you feel comfortable in and what you feel confident in. This is why a private style consultation is important for anyone looking to transform their image. Feeling inspired to transform your image? Call Image Redefined Consultation on 0715315960 or Email

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