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Clothes shopping is hectic — especially if you are on the hunt for something particular or hard to get. Running from one store to the other is a whole workout. It’s even worse if you are mitumba shopping. That’s why dressing up for the occasion is a thing you must think about. First, you need to be comfortable and second, you need to be able to change easily and without much fuss. Here are some useful tips you can use the next time you are going out shopping for clothes and shoes:

Wear Comfortable Shoes

If you are on a shopping spree, one thing for sure is that you will need shoes that are not only light but also easy to walk around in. Heels or boots are not the best when it comes to a day of shopping. Heels are tiring to walk in while boots are a bit heavy on the legs and not so easy to take off when you need to try on something. Choose shoes that won’t give you a headache when it’s time to take them off and are easy to walk in. Sandals and any kind of flat shoe without strings are the safest bet.

Wear leggings

Leggings, in my opinion, are the best thing you can wear on a busy shopping day. They are comfortable and light unlike something like denim that will have you have you sweating and uncomfortable. Also, when the time comes for undressing to try on clothes you are thinking of buying, leggings are easy and less stressful to take off as compared to something such as jeans.

Carry a hands free bag

Trust me on this one, you’re going to need all your hands for looking through merchandise. Even more importantly, you’re going to need your hands for holding those bags filled with your new wardrobe looks. A hands-free bag can save you the hassle of having to mind your purse constantly. That’s why I recommend a crossbody bag or one that’s slung on your shoulder for shopping trips.

Wear a good bra

To shop for clothes in a saggy bra is a crime against fashion and your body! Seriously, guys, you need to provide your body with the support it needs to look it’s best and for clothes to hang well. Ifypouare shopping for special occasion items such as wedding dresses or event dresses, it’s best to wear a well-fitting bra.

Put on transfer-free makeup

If you have to put on makeup, it’s best to make sure that the makeup you have on doesn’t transfer onto the clothes you try on. Therefore, you should wear long-lasting, stay-put foundation and lipstick or go makeup-free for that one day. Your skin will thank you for it!

There you have it, a simple formula for what to wear for a serious day of shopping. All are very doable and will make your day go so much smoother. Happy shopping!

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