Quick Steps to Refresh your Makeup for an Evening Out
Steps to Refresh your Makeup

It’s 5 p.m. and you’re about to leave work to go out for the night or have a hot date lined up. You check your makeup in the mirror and wonder what happened. Even if you used a good primer and just sat at your desk, your makeup can get a little worse for wear by the afternoon. Rather than starting completely over, follow these simple steps to refresh your makeup for an evening out without the hassle.

Use translucent powder

Adding another layer of powder will make your face look cakey and that’s not a good look. So, instead, you should use a translucent powder to diminish the shine on your face and add a fresh look to your makeup.

Blush/ bronzer

Apply an extra swipe of blush or bronzer to your cheeks. A little colour goes a long way! Make sure to do this after using the translucent powder.

Pop In Colour With Lipstick

Nothing freshens up your face instantly like a pop of colour on your lips. Light colours such as nudes or soft pinks will soften all of your features, while bolder colours such as reds, fuchsias, magentas, purples will brighten your entire face. Think of a bold, bright lipstick as your 30-second fix to a fresher complexion.


To brighten up your eyes, add a light and shimmery eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. You might be surprised how much this refreshes your makeup.

You can also a little bit of darkness to the crease of your lid. Without going too “smokey”, this will add some depth to your eye makeup.

This entire process will take you no less than 10 minutes. Not only did will you feel a little bit fancier, but it will help you feel fresh and revived for an evening out!

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