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When you smell good, you feel good! Scent and basically how we smell plays a big role in how other people perceive us. In fact, it’s been proven that people who smell good are perceived to be more attractive and dare I say, sexy! So what exactly does it take to smell good? Does it mean investing in a really expensive perfume or using a really strong one? Turns out, perfume is just one of the teeny-tiny things that you need to do and have so that you stay smelling fresh and great all day! Here are 5 things you should do in the morning ahead of a busy day to ensure that you stay smelling fresh all day:


I know this sounds like a no-brainer but hear me out. How and what you shower with matters a lot when it comes to ensuring that you smell fresh all day. Don’t just buy any beauty soap. Take time to choose soaps and shower gels that will add on to your fragrance. Make sure to buy soaps and gels that contain natural oils/moisturizer and natural scents.

Deodorant and antiperspirants

We all sweat through out the day. To ensure that you stay smelling fresh all a soft-smelling deodorant or antiperspirant is a great choice. You don’t want your choice to be overpowering, however. An ideal deodorant will provide an extra spritz of freshness. You can carry an extra travel-size version of your deodorant on hand for those stress-sweat kind of days.

Perfumed lotions and moisturizers

Perfumed lotions and moisturizers that work to complement either the scent of your shower gel or your perfume are the best choice to ensuring that you smell great all day. Your lotion is like a primer for when you do put on your main perfume. It gives your perfume a place to hold on to and last all day. Plus, there are perfumed body lotions that are designed to compliment your signature scent.

Additionally, you can simply buy a bottle of unscented lotion and add a small amount of your perfume — the more drops you add, the stronger the solution will be. 

Make your perfume or cologne last

There number one way you can make your perfume last all day and have you smelling fresh is by spraying it directly to the bare skin right after moisturizing. The scent is more likely to last longer when it meshes with the natural oils of your body.

Second, apply your perfume to your pulse points such as the nape of your neck, insides of your elbows, wrists, the back of your ears and even the back of your knees. Fragrance reacts to heat. Therefore, applying your perfumes and fragrances to your pulse points can help release scent throughout the day.

Make your clothes smell good

Your clothes also have a huge role in whether you smell fresh all day. You can ensure that your clothes have a great fragrance by investing in a good fabric freshener when you wash your clothes. You can also hit your closet with a couple of sprays of your go-to fragrance once a week after doing your laundry.

There you have it guys — 5 ways to ensure that you smell fresh all day! What are some of the tips and tricks you use to ensure that you smell great all day? I’d love to hear all about them. Feel free to share them in the comments section.

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