Reasons Why You Need an Image Consultant

You are probably reading this article with a lot of scepticism thinking, “I know what looks good on me and what doesn’t. So why do I need an image consultant?” Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but image is not only about how you look. Image consultation is a holistic concept. It also entails your behaviour and communication skills. That is why when you seek the services of an image consultant, it’s almost as if you are getting yourself a personal life coach. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should hire an image consultant today:

Master Your Body

An image consultant’s first and most important job is to help you know your body. He/she will help you know what your body shape is by taking measurements of your body during the very first steps of the consultation. This is how you master your body — by knowing your body shape, you know what looks best on you and what doesn’t. Mastering your body is the very first step to start looking good and an image consultant can help with that.

Maximize Your Wardrobe

Are you the kind of person who wakes up most days during the week and has nothing to wear despite having a wardrobe full of clothes? If this is you, then you most definitely need an image consultant. When it comes to this situation, an image consultant shows you how to declutter your wardrobe and only leaving you with clothes that actually wear and those that flatter your body shape. By doing so, you eventually realize that you actually wear all the clothes in your wardrobe.

Redefine Shopping

Your image consultant becomes your personal shopper. With an image consultant, you either learn how to shop efficiently and effectively or have him/her do it for you so you can completely forget about having to shop at all. Besides, an image consultant knows what looks best on you. You start to shop more purposefully and effectively.

Extend Wearability

An image consultant will teach you how to wear one piece of clothing in your wardrobe in more ways than you could ever imagine. You will learn that a shirt you thought could only be worn one way can now be worn in over ten different ways!

Get Confident

When you look good in an outfit, you feel good. Your confidence shoots up the ceiling and people notice you. Remember when I said image consultancy is a holistic concept? An Image Consultant will teach you how to nail your confidence by dressing powerfully and authentically to get you noticed by people of influence, be it your prospective clients, or people who have the power to advance your career.

Are you in need of an image consultant? At Image Redefined, we do all that and help women find their style. Talk to us today on 0715315960 or email us at for a free image consultation.

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