The Oversized Blazer

Ever since this trend started popping up in early 2019, people have been wondering how they tackle it. And guess what, the oversized blazer trend is only becoming more popular. From fashionistas to celebs being spotted wearing this trend, the oversized blazer is here to stay! You may be thinking that this is a trend that only celebrities can pull off. However, this trend is easier to pull off than you think. And this article will help you get some ideas on where to start with it. Here are ways you can pull off this trend and have heads turning in your direction:

With jeans

This is probably the easiest way to style the oversized blazer. You can either throw it on top of skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans and still hack this style. However, if you are conscious about the heavy top, light bottom balance, you can stick to the skinny jeans-blazer combination.

If you choose to button up your oversized blazer, you can easily get away with not wearing a top on the inside like Rihanna. And when you do wear a top inside and leave it unbuttoned, you can either wear a form fitting top or a bralette.

With Biker shorts

The oversized blazer can be paired with biker shorts for that city-girl-look. This combination goes so well together because of the balance the two give each other.

This outfit can be paired with some white heels, rubber shoes, ankle boots or sandals, depending on the occasion you are dressing up for.

For the daring ones

I’m sure you’ve seen the oversized blazer worn as a dress. This is a classic fashion street style that is easier than you think. The oversized blazer a dress requires a belted waist and tights underneath. You can wear a leotard or baby shorts if you feel they are necessary, but really your blazer should be long enough that you don’t need to.

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