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Why Do Women Fake Orgasms?

Photo by Anderson Martins from Pexels

Women can fake an orgasm, but men can fake an entire relationship — Sharon Stone.

It’s not uncommon for a woman to fake an orgasm. In fact, many women have confessed to faking the big O a least once with a sexual partner. For women, it’s easier to fake a climax for the primary reason that there is no evidence as to whether you have actually climaxed. The same, however, cannot be said for men — you know — physical evidence and all. So, if and when a man finds out that their woman faked an orgasm, they feel cheated and betrayed. Why, then, is it so common for a woman to fake a climax much more than a man? Well if you are looking for answers or want to feel justified as to why you may be doing it, I’ve got a few reasons why:

Wanting their partners to feel successful

Many men measure their level of success in the bedroom by their ability to make a woman orgasm. This then trickles down to their ego. Many women cannot bear the thought of crushing a man’s ego especially when they really and genuinely care about them. Women are just built that way.

Mate retention strategy

Orgasms are valued by men — mostly for their ego and satisfaction — I know, selfish! And so women in relationships and even marriage will fake orgasms to satisfy their partner. In doing so, women are hoping to “retain” their partner. A recent study has even shown that women who thought their partners were more likely to cheat on them were more likely to have faked an orgasm with their partner!

Being not in the mood

Sometimes, women aren’t just in the mood to have sex. It could be that they are just tired or stressed and truthfully, this isn’t the best time to get busy in the shack. But because they don’t want to disappoint their partners, they give in. In such a situation, women will fake an orgasm to rush their partners to get it over and done with.

Placing more value on a man’s satisfaction

Society has for a long time until recently, portrayed sex as a way to pleasure only the man. This view has stuck on so much that many women still feel objectified and thus focus more on pleasuring the man more than actually focusing on their pleasure. And because many women know that reaching an orgasm will highly please the man, they end up faking it.

It’s awkward to talk about it

A lot of women still find it awkward to talk about how they want to be treated in bed by their sexual partners. Additionally, many men think that all women want and enjoy the same things — which is far from the truth. While some men will be open to the idea of discussing what their women want, others will feel degraded. Therefore, because of this breakdown in communication, many women feel the need to fake orgasms and satisfaction in bed.

Do these reasons make sense? I’d love to hear what you guys think. Drop a comment on the comments section and let’s talk!


  • January 21, 2021


    They do make alot of sense

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