Best Colour Combinations for Your Everyday Outfits
Best Colour Combinations for Your Everyday Outfits

A lot of women like to play it safe when it comes to colour combinations on their outfits. That’s why you will see many women going around in dark colours because they are afraid of bold colours.

The thing with bold colours is that they tend to draw a lot of attention and if mixed wrong, they can look clownish.

However, that shouldn’t be the reason why you have to stick to plain old head to toe black.

In this article, I will take you through some of the best and boldest colour combinations to make you look chic, bright and in style.

Black and White

This has got to be the most no-brainer colour combination there is. You don’t even have to be a fashion guru to know that these two colours go perfectly with each other.

This pair can be worn almost everywhere; from work to social events.

Green and Yellow

I know what you’re thinking, green and yellow are two too bright colours to be combined. However, this combination has been tried and tested and turns out, these two colours go very well together.

This colour combination is all about celebrating bright and happy colours. Not only are they extraordinary but they make you look vibrant.

Red and Blue

Red and blue are an all time favourite colour combination because they are both easy to find in almost all types of clothes.

The key is knowing what red shade goes with your complexion. For example, warm and neutral skin tones can wear warmer blues with red-purples (and should avoid bright-rosy reds).

Orange and Black

Black is a universal colour and can go with pretty much anything. But when it’s paired with orange, the combination is out of this world.

This combo can be worn at the office, a night out and even to any day time event because it both colourful and playful.

Pale Blue and Pink

Individually, these two colours look subtle. However, when paired together, they can be as eye-catching as a bright pop of colour.

This colour combination will remind you of the soft scent of jasmine.

Tan and Maroon

When paired with maroon, tan clothes will leave you looking like a fashion icon.

This colour combination is suitable for all skin tones because the deep colour of maroon makes the outfit pop.

You look doesn’t have to look exactly as above. You can switch up the bottom to be tan and the top to be maroon. It works all the same.

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