Pick the Right Foundation for Your Skin

Picking the right foundation for your skin can be tricky especially if you’re a newbie in the makeup world. And it doesn’t help that there are so many brands and shades to choose from. Because of this, it’s easy to get mixed up and choose the wrong foundation. For women who’ve been in this game long enough, they know that there’s a host of other concerns when it comes to choosing a foundation other than just the shade. These include factors such as finish, texture, coverage, and formula. So with all that in mind, here are some factors that you should consider before choosing a foundation for your skin:

Find your shade

It’s common to see ladies testing foundation swatches on their hands but truth is, this isn’t the best way for picking the right foundation. This is because the skin on this part of your body is a lot darker than your face.

When going shopping for foundation, it’s always best to go bare-faced so that you can test it on your face for the best results. Alternatively, you apply potential shades to your chest to see if they are right.

Skin undertones

Yes, this is a difficult task for even the most seasoned beauty vet. What even are undertones? For all the skin shades and tones, there are only 3 skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

If you have a warm complexion, go with a shade that has yellow undertones, and if your complexion is on the cool side, a foundation with pink undertones is your best bet.

You can play it safe with neutral shades because they are much easier to match on different skin tones and shades. 

Skin type

Before choosing a foundation, it’s always best to know the type of skin you have. This is because if you have very oily skin, dewy foundations might not work for you. On the other hand, when you have very dry skin, matte foundations might not work for you.

Dewy foundations tend to work best on normal to dry skin types while matte foundations are usually more suitable for combination to oily skin types.


If you hate wearing makeup, you’re going to think a full-coverage foundation feels heavy. Understanding the look of every coverage level is the key to picking the right foundation for your needs.

When you want a long-wear foundation that doesn’t require mid-day touch-ups, or have acne or discolouration, opt for a full-coverage foundation.

There you have it ladies. I hope the tips mentioned above come in handy the next time you go foundation shopping!


  • Shephrah Njumwa says:

    This was really helpful thank you so much

  • Rosemary says:

    You have described me! I left formal employment 5 yrs ago and myself esteem seems to have remained in the office. Currently am a stay at home mum to one young adult and teenagers. I appreciate make up on people but never put it on myself. Am already 51 yrs old and feel like time had passed to recover – I still have some hope.

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