end a relationship

Choosing to end a relationship with someone who you once loved and cared for can be both devastating and heartbreaking. I know. We’ve all been there at one point in our lives. But it is important to realize that some relationships are not worth hanging on to.

Sometimes we come to the realization that the person we are dating is not the one for us, and it’s completely okay to feel that way. So how do you respectfully end a relationship with someone without the drama that comes with breakups?

Breakup in person

Have you ever ghosted someone as a way of ending a relationship? Turns out, it’s pretty common for people nowadays to just ghost you without a formal breakup and thinking they will pick up on the hint.

Others just send a text and end the relationship without really thinking about how the other person will react. Even worse, they go to the extent of blocking them immediately after the breakup text.

When ending a relationship, it is better to suck it up and talk to the person, face to face about why you are ending the relationship. It shows you respect and value them and speaks a lot about your character.

Talk to them honestly

“It’s not you, it’s me,” is one of the flimsiest reasons people give for choosing to end a relationship.

Sometimes honesty is important for both of you to in terms of moving on and getting closure.

If there was something that you didn’t like about them that caused the breakup, tell them. If you found someone new, let them know. Remember honesty is key.

Allow the other person to react

When you finally break the news about ending the relationship, it’s only natural that the other person will react.

The news may have come as a shock to them so them reacting is normal.

Do not try to dismiss their feelings just because the relationship hasn’t been working for you.

They may have truly loved you and may still have strong feelings for you.

Don’t break up in public

There’s nothing more humiliating than ending a relationship in public. It comes with so much drama such as the one being left starting to cry and begging you to explain.

So, it’s best that you do it behind closed doors and allow your partner to express themselves emotionally.

Don’t break up in your house

After having the conversation about breaking up, you will want to be the person to get up and leave the situation. Therefore, have the conversation in their house so it’s easier to leave instead of having to kick them out of your house.

Cut off communication

After breaking with someone, it’s best to cut off all communication with them so as to get over a broken heart.

Do not allow yourself to offer a shoulder to cry on for your ex as this might lead to confusion between the two of you.

They might try to call you or text you. But if you have already have the conversation face to face and explained your decision, it is best not to engage them.

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