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4 Hacks to Make a Stressful Day Better

Hacks to Make a Stressful Day Better

Ever have one of those days when everything is going wrong.  Your skirt got ripped on your way to work, you had a nasty argument with your partner in the morning, and then to top it all off you forgot your phone somewhere on the bus.  It’s not like any of those events would “ruin” you day individually, but compile them all together and you have bad day plastered on your forehead. When we are stressed, the little things going wrong drastically increases our frustration and our patience threshold drops to basically zero.  That’s why it is so easy to have a bad day made worse by almost any little thing. However, a bad day in your life does not mean that you have a bad life. You can always turn around the start of a bad by keeping a positive mindset even during such stressful situations. Here are 6 hacks to making through a stressful day and turning it into a better one:

Positive Affirmations

What do you do when you wake up? Check your phone? Yes, that’s right. Whether you admit it or not, most of us check our phone, most especially for the time. And if you’re in the random 20% of people that don’t check your phone first thing in the AM, this still applies (just do it later in the morning). Having a positive affirmation as the first thing you see when you check your phone in the morning and throughout the day is a small but crucial step to stopping what’s stressing you.

Remembering that whatever is stressing you out is smaller than your willpower and mindset is the first step to positive thinking. To help with a particularly stressful day, it helps to keep a positive quote or saying as the wallpaper on your phone. Family photos are great, but keep them for your background wallpaper and use the positive affirmation quote as your lock screen.


This sounds almost straight out of a movie — but let me tell you it works. Journaling at the beginning or end of your day can vastly put into perspective the day’s activities and it’s a good mindset check.

Accounting your wins for the day and your strengths can especially help you feel pride in the day’s events. And expressing your negative emotions or reactions to the day can be therapeutic to get them out of your system and focus your efforts to improve them.


Music feeds your soul. I’m constantly enamoured with people who can create such soulful, heart-wrenching music because it is simply not a skill I have. However, listening to music is definitely in my wheelhouse. And nothing cures a bad day like a great playlist of songs. 

Depending on your preferences you may like a playlist of sad songs or happy songs. I have both, depending on my mood.  The sad songs make me feel less alone, and the happy songs get me up and dancing (which is a great mood-booster).

Indulge in selfcare

I know, you shouldn’t be buying that new handbag or eating a huge bar of chocolate…But, sometimes a little extra care is necessary on a bad stressful day. Instead of feeling guilty or discouraging yourself to indulge in luxuries, you might not otherwise partake in, give yourself some latitude to focus on your mental health instead of everything else.

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