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I love a dependable hack. I mean we all do, especially if it means kicking off some few bucks off our budgets. Makeup, in general, is expensive so when I found out that I could use some of my eyeshadow as a highlighter, I was curious and couldn’t wait to try it out. It could be that you are just starting out to use makeup and on a budget or you’re a seasoned makeup user and need to cut down on your makeup budget — whatever the case, this makeup hack can be just as useful. Here are 5 eyeshadows that can double up as highlighters:

Maybelline Single Eyeshadow “Gold School”

Eyeshadows That Can Be Used as Highlighters
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This creamy, saturated, pigmented eyeshadow by Maybelline New York not only looks good as an eyeshadow but also as a highlighter. Because it is very saturated, you will want to go easy when using it as a highlighter. Therefore, with a soft brush, use it on your cheeks and wherever else you want to highlight, using very soft strokes. Make sure to blend it furiously.

Mac Eyeshadow “Gorgeous Gold”

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Looking to add a little warmth to your makeup? This eyeshadow is perfect for just that! The pearly shade of this eyeshadow makes it perfect to double up as a highlighter for just about all the skin tones in the book. Just as is with for most eyeshadows, make sure to use very light strokes when using it as a highlighter and blend furiously!

NYX Roll On Eye Shimmer “Nude”

Eyeshadows That Can Be Used as Highlighters
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Not only is this roll-on eyeshadow lightweight, but it is also very easy to blend into the sin. Therefore, I don’t see how you can go wrong using it as a highlighter! This eyeshadow is so good, you can even use it anywhere else on your body for some extra shimmer and glow.

You must have gotten the hint by now — if you have a shimmery eyeshadow shade in your makeup bag already, why not try it as a highlighter? Let me know what you think of this makeup hack. Is it a hit or a miss?

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