There’s no denying that starting a new relationship fills us with excitement and hope. We hope this is it. This is the relationship that may last forever. And we try so hard to convince ourselves that we’ve made a good choice this time around. But the thrill of a new relationship leaves us blind to potential dealbreaker signs. To avoid wasting your precious time, and increase your chances of making a relationship last, don’t make these five mistakes.

Not being yourself

In the beginning of a new relationship, many women may feel compelled to act or behave in a certain way that’s not entirely in sync with who they really are. And while it’s perfectly normal and natural to want to put your best self forward when you’re with the new object of your affection, it’s not okay to lose your identity in order to please your new partner.

Allowing the euphoric feelings of a new relationship to cloud your judgement

The excitement of a new relationship can prevent you from seeing possible red flags of trouble down the road. You may have fallen hard for your partner’s looks, and may not care much about everything else for now. But reality sets in sooner than you may think. And when you begin to notice differences between you and your partner, you may already be in too deep.

Look beyond appearance. Instead, observe your partner’s behavior, body language, strengths and weaknesses. Detect the habits that bother you, and determine if they are deal breakers for you.

Moving too fast

Relationship milestones are something to be experienced, not something you should zip through. Savour your first night out, your first make-out session, your first argument or your first out of town trip.

Take your relationship a step at a time and give yourself enough time in between to appreciate what just happened. In the future, you might think, “Oh, we never went through that phase,” but in fact, you may have zoomed right through it.

Sacrificing too much

Save the big sacrifices for when you’re sure that you’re with someone who’ll be there for you in the long run. Too many people tend to lose themselves in their relationships.

It starts off with giving up little things like certain hobbies and certain friends. Then it moves on to switching jobs, moving to another country or losing contact with close friends.

Mentioning the ex too often

Not only can this be annoying to your partner, but they might start comparing themselves to your ex. Also, it may make your partner think that you’re not over your ex yet. Limit any sort of mention of your ex, lest your partner gets disheartened and thinks you still want to go back to your previous relationship.

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