Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

One day your skin is healthy and glowing, the next it’s you’re dealing with different skin entirely. The culprit? Ageing. Skin changes such as wrinkles and sagging skin are among the most visible signs of ageing. However, these are not the only conditions that you should expect as you age. Here are 4 of the most common skin conditions that tend to affect people as they age:


As we age, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and hydration and thus can get incredibly dry. When this happens to the extremes, the skin develops eczema which can be experienced in both the face and all over the body. Thankfully, this ailment can be managed by prioritizing proper skincare. You can also avoid this skin condition actively by avoiding very hot showers and baths and embracing colloidal oatmeal moisturizers and humidifiers to keep this condition at bay.

Adult Acne

If you thought the acne scare we were all dreading in our teen years was over, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Yikes! Adult acne is a real skin condition that can affect any one of us as we age. Hormones, stress, and environmental factors are three of the top causes of adult acne. With that, around the time you expect to enter menopause is also the time you should expect to experience adult acne. This type of acne is caused by fluctuations in hormones—predominantly estrogen and progesterone levels.

Dark Spots

Skin that has had years of sun exposure is more prone to this skin condition. What happens is as we age, our pigment cells become overactive and when exposed to UV rays of the sun, the skin produces melanin in high concentrations and thus the dark spots. To address dark spots, add vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids into your routine; to prevent them and never go a day without sunscreen.

As we age, skin conditions can get worse because the skin can become sensitive. If you do realize some of these conditions or others, be sure to talk to your doctor.

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