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Intimate skin lightening

Intimate Skin Lightening is a Thing and I’m Here For It!

Intimate Skin Lightening Procedure is a Thing and I'm Here For It!

A few months ago in 2020, I was introduced to a new concept — intimate skin lightening. While I was a bit apprehensive about the procedure, I slowly leaned towards the idea of vaginal lightening. I even wrote a whole article about why I could never support this idea before I got enlightened by one good Dr. Sule of Allora Medical Practice (how naive I was!). Turns out, intimate skin lightening isn’t as bad as people think or say. When professionally done, intimate skin lightening has a lot of benefits for women who struggle with sexual freedom.

According to Dr. Sule, the intimate skin lightening involves returning the darkened areas of the vagina to the surrounding areas’ tone. So, in retrospect, it doesn’t mean that you are bleaching your vagina, but rather, restoring it’s original tone or colour.

The procedure involves a chemicals peel of the outer areas of the vagina meaning it’s not invasive. Some women also prefer taking the treatment outwards to the inner thighs and the abdomen. The chemical peel involves a mask that stays on the vagina for about 2 hours after which the skin is rehydrated, all in 3 hours. After the procedure, Dr. Sule says that you take home a cream which you use every night for 3 months to continue with the lightening process.

Convinced or want to get more information concerning this procedure? Contact Dr. Sule’s office via 0740 099064 and they will be happy to answer all of your questions and concerns!

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