I once read somewhere that when the gods and goddesses of pastries and desserts came down to earth, they settled down in France. This in my opinion is nothing but the truth because if you have tasted true French pastry, it surely speaks for itself. If you’re reading this and probably wondering — well what’s all the fuss about French parties and desserts? Well, wonder no more because recently, Brioche, a French-inspired Bakery and Coffee shop opened its doors to locals in Westlands, Kenya. Now you get to taste all that French goodness here in Kenya!

Recently partnered with RUBiS Energy, Brioche officially opened its doors in Ojijo Road is in Westlands on the 11th of December 2020. Brioche’s menu will live you spoilt for choice from the wide range of selection of coffees, teas, sandwiches, pastries, desserts and breads.

Brioche: A Taste of France in Kenya

Brioche is the perfect spot to have breakfast or catch some brunch with your besties. This bakery and coffee shop is conveniently located right next to RUBiS Energy so you can grab a coffee, tea or pastry to go as you fuel your car! And as if that’s not enough, Brioche has a mini-mart stocked with all the essentials as well as a liquor store.

Want to check out this French-inspired bakery and coffee shop? Follow these directions HERE. Be sure to leave a comment about your experience there in the comments section below once you check it out!

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