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5 Things You Can Do About Thinning Dreadlocks

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Thinning dreadlocks can be a nightmare! One day you have healthy and full dreadlocks, the next day you have locs that are barely hanging on to your scalp! It can be the most stressful thing to deal with especially if you had worked very hard to grow out your dreads. Not to worry though — if you are facing this kind of situation, there’s hope for you. You don’t have to cut your hair or start all over again because there are actually some quick and easy fixes for this

Stop retwisting ASAP

I know how many people with dreadlocks like it when their hair is freshly twisted. However, when you retwist your hair regularly, you’re only encouraging your dreadlocks to thin. Retwisting your dreadlocks causes a lot of tension on your hair and thus, thinning. If you realize that your locs have tarted thinning, you can take an extended break for a couple of months before you retwist it and give it some time for its volume to regrow.

Keep the manipulation of your hair at a minimum

Aside from not re-twisting you want to make sure anything that you do to your hair does not put too much strain on it. So this means avoiding super tight ponytails or wearing headbands that pull at your edges too tightly for example. You will also need to put a stop to those extra tight styles that are done once you have retwisted your hair. At the end o f the day, you are only putting strain on your locs. Your dreadlocks are in a very fragile state and you must treat them as delicately as you can.

Use hair products that promote growth

Investing in good hair products that will promote growth and volume of thinning dreadlocks is also a must. Products such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil, products with Rosemary, Aloe Vera and Lavender are all great for encouraging growth and thickness.

Balanced diets rich in vitamins and minerals

Eating а healthy, wеll-balanced diet, rich іn proteins is very important. Thіѕ іѕ bесаuѕе thе hair іtѕеlf іѕ made uр оf proteins. Sо eating protein-rich food ѕuсh аѕ meat, cheese, fish, eggs, almonds, oats, еtс. іѕ essential tо maintain thе health оf your hair. Although it may seem basic, or too simplistic, it is definitely a critical step in getting your healthy hair back and stopping the thinning of your dreads.

Fix them physically

If you realize that some of your dreadlocks are thinning at the edges, you can cut the affected locs and reattach them again to make them more uniform. Alternatively, you can combine two adjacent locs together to form a strong base for the new loc being formed. This can be achieved by doing a two-strand twist or by using a crochet hook to combine both locs.

For all my loced sisters, have you dealt or are dealing with thinning dreadlocks? What were your remedies and did they work? Leave a comment below and let us know how you dealt with this setback.

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