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5 Brutal Lessons That 2020 Has Taught Us

5 Brutal Lessons That 2020 Has Taught Us
Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels

Unless you live under a rock, the happenings of 2020 must have had an effect on you, one way or the other. Not only did the COVID pandemic force us to change how we carry our lives but it also forced us to adjust. No compromises, no bargains — we’ve all had to adjust our lives. Because of how much life has changed we’ve all been forced to take a deep look into our lives. We’ve had to make sacrifices and make lifestyle changes. Truthfully speaking, none of us has been spared. If we were to describe 2020, it would be known as the equalizer. Why? Because the rich and poor have probably gone through the same hardships. That aside, we can all agree that 2020 has taught all of us some pretty brutal lessons. In my recent stories on Instagram I asked my followers to share with me some lessons 2020 has taught them and in 5 key points, here is what they shared:

Life is unpredictable

Who would have thought that a virus could disrupt the lives of billions of people across the world? The pandemic has really taught us that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and that at any moment our lives can change. It is for this reason that we should always be prepared for anything. We can all agree that 2020 has taught all of us one important lesson — to appreciate what we have and live in the moment.

Jobs are vulnerable

So many people lost jobs this year. Others ere forced to take pay cuts. The truth is, even if you have been at your current workplace for years, all that can change in a few moments. Because of this, many of us have realized the importance of saving, having side hustles and investing for the future. Depending on only one source of income is not viable and hence, having a backup plan is essential.

Appreciate your loved ones

Your loved ones won’t always be around. They could be healthy and alive today and in a span of a few days be gone. We’ve seen healthy people dying from the virus in a span of a few days. So if you have someone you love, appreciate them and keep them closet you because life is short and they can be taken away from you anytime.

There are certain things that you can live without

Because of constrained resources, so many of us have realized that there are certain things we can survive without. Who knew you could survive without having to buy takeout? Who knew you could actually survive on a budget? These are just a few things that so many of us have realized we can go without and live peacefully!

The people you call your friends really matter

Things have become really tough. From people losing their source of income to being kicked out of their houses — this is probably the hardest season for most of us. If you have been at your lowest this year, you now realize that the people you call your friends really matter. I know it sounds selfish to expect your friends to come through for you but real friends should be there for you even at your toughest point.

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