These 5 Things Make Your Outfits Look Cheap
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We all want to look classy and sophisticated. That’s why if you’re like me, you go the extra mile in investing in good quality clothes, makeup and shoes. However, you could be wearing the most expensive clothes but look cheap because of the tiniest detail in your outfit! Yes, a very small detail in your outfit can ruin your whole look! So what are those little things that can make an outfit look cheap? In this article, I will go into detail on every little thing that can make your outfit look tacky.

Droopy buttons

It doesn’t matter how expensive a blouse or a coat is — if he buttons start to droop, it’s time to replace them. Droopy buttons can mean that a certain piece of clothing has seen better days and no one wants to look as if they are wearing very old clothes. Right? If you do realize that some of your clothes have droopy buttons, you can replace or have them sewn in tightly instead of throwing out the clothes.


Embroidery, sequins, beading, and studs look amazing when they are applied by skilled craftspeople using high-quality materials, but not so much when they are done by machine. Even if an embellished piece looks okay in the store or in a picture, you know that once you start wearing it for real, it’s going to fall apart, and nothing looks cheaper than a jewelled sweater with missing jewels.

Cartoon prints on clothes

Not only are cartoon prints on clothes childish, but they also make an outfit look very cheap. Itdoessn’tt matter how much you buy aa shirt or trousers — if they have cartoon prints then your whole outfit will look cheap and tacky! There is no way you can convince me that a shirt or blouse with a Mickey mouse print is expensive!

Stretchy material

Excessively stretchy clothes can make any outfit look cheap, no matter how well dressed you are. How? Because as time goes, the clothes may become too stretched out and look tacky when you wear them. Additionally, clothes that are stretchy tend to stretch out during the day when you’re wearing them and this isn’t a good look on you. Seriously!

Designer knock-offs

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I don’t mean you have to spend thousands on designer items. You don’t even have to care about wearing designer items. However, when you intentionally wear knock-off designer clothes, this automatically makes your outfit look cheap and sorry to say, tacky!

There you have it guys — avoid those little things for a sophisticated and elegant look even when you’re going for a casual or laid back look. If you are still not sure on what to ditch or keep in the closet, reach out to me for a one on one image consultation by calling 0715315960 or emailing

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