Do You Sweat A Lot? Avoid These 4 Fabrics
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If you sweat a lot regardless of the weather, you probably know how annoying and uncomfortable it can get when you are drenched in sweat. Not only is it a bad look on you, but fabric drenched in sweat can start to smell. First things first, there’s nothing wrong with sweating. In fact, sweating is good for you because it opens up pores to release toxins and regulates body temperature. But when it happens on your way to work, at a party, or on a first date, it’s inconvenient and feels pretty gross. You can take care of sweating by using antiperspirants and deodorants but you can take it a notch higher by avoiding certain fabrics. Here are 5 fabrics you should avoid if you sweat like crazy:


This is probably the most common fabric used in clothes these days due to its durability and cost effectiveness. However, polyester has zero absorption of sweat and water resistance. Basically, wearing polyester means you’ll be trapped in a vacuum of your own sweat all day. It might be a low cost fabric but believe me, it’s worth paying the extra money to avoid uncomfortable sweat patches. Swap polyester for cotton — for all our sakes!


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Yes, yes — denim is cool and perfect for days when you just want to express your casual style. I’m sorry to break your hearts but, denim is one of the worst fabrics to wear when the sun’s out if you sweat a lot! Denim, a durable and heavyweight fabric is more likely to be anti-sweat because it isn’t breathable nor stretchy. If you really want to rock your denim shirts and pants though, reserve them for when temperatures begin to drop for extra warmth.


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I know what you’re already thinking — it almost sounds as if I’m asking you to stay away from all the trendy stuff. But trust me, it’s all in good faith. Leather is another fabric you need to stay away from especially if you are prone to sweating a lot. Made of animal hide, leather is a thick fabric which is great for insulation during chilly seasons but not for when the sun is out.


If you see a piece of clothing you want to purchase and it’s made from rayon, run for the hills sis! This fabric might look and feel lightweight but it’s made of synthetic fibres, just like polyester, meaning it’s more likely to repel than absorb sweat.

There you have it guys — avoid those fabrics for a comfortable and sweat free day! Next time you go shopping, make sure to check the labels and avoid those fabrics.

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