Looking for a new signature scent? You’ve come to the right place because, in this article, I’ll be sharing with you a list of my top Lancôme fragrances! When it comes to Lancôme, this perfume line is a household name recognized as one of the best, especially for women’s colognes. With their fame spanning over several decades, Lancôme is a name synonymous with elegance, style, and sophistication. It is for this very reason that I have 6 of their best fragrances that I reach for time and time again depending on my mood and the kind of aura I want to give off! Below is a list of some of my favourite Lancôme fragrances that I think every woman should have in their perfume collection. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a career woman or even a stay at home mum, there is a cologne on this list that should suit your lifestyle and taste!

Miracle Blossom

Lancôme Fragrances
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This perfume is the incarnation of modern and delicate femininity. A delicate fruity floral, Miracle Blossom has the tenderness of a bud on the branch of the rose tree, ready to flower and reveal its full character.

La Vie Est Belle

This Lancôme fragrance is clean, luxurious, romantic and feminine. When you smell it, it tends to remind you of that legendary rich aunt who would walk into your home and you would never forget her smell.

Lancôme Fragrances
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It is retro, feminine and fun. You too can wear it every day to work, school etc.


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La Nuit Trèsor

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This perfume has hints of red currant, vanilla, bergamot and it is simply Lancome’s interpretation of Love. It is a has a dark, floral intense scent and if you are obsessed with the packaging, you will love the diamond-shaped bottle.


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La Vie Est Belle Intensément

“La vie Est belle,” a French expression meaning “life is beautiful, trickles down to the fragrance of this Lancôme perfume. La vie est belle Intensément is an addictive fusion of red iris and vanilla, bringing a floral and warm intensity to the iconic perfume.

Lancôme fragrances
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There you have it guys! All my favourite Lancôme fragrances in order of appearance. Which Lancôme fragrance are you currently using? Let me know in the comments section!

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