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Achieve Hair Goals With Silky Straight From Darling’s New Empress Collection!

If you thought getting quality hair in the Kenyan market on a budget was way over your head, think again! Darling’s new collection will have you getting good quality and beautiful hair at the best and most affordable price you will ever get. If you are a lover of straight silky hair, then the Silky Straight Empress Collection is just the thing for you.

The Silky Straight Empress Collection which goes for only Ksh. 1,095 has a soft human hair-like feeling and look and a natural sheen. If you ask me, it’s almost as if you’re getting human hair on a budget!

When you buy one pack of the Silky Straight Empress Collection, it comes in 6 bundles, enough to cover the whole head, so you only need one pack! And to give your hair a natural layered look like your natural hair, the pack comes with two 16 inches bundles, two 14 inches bundles and two 12 bundles, totalling to 6 bundles. The pack also comes with a 60ml Darling weaves & wigs detangling spray to ensure that your hair stays smooth and silky.

The hair is so versatile that it can be washed and restyled using heat. It can also be worn as a weave, a wig, ponytail and track & sew.

Silky Straight Empress Collection
Here, the hair has been styled using heat to create curls

As is normal for all types of hair, you should expect that the hair will get tangled a bit. When this happens, you can detangle spur hair easily at home and save a few bucks. Using the darling weave and wigs detangler, you can remove any knots and detangle your hair. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Divide the hair into small sections,
  2. Spray the detangler ( 3- 4 pumps) on the section you wish to detangle.
  3. Working from the ends of your hair comb gently to detangle the hair. Repeat this until you get to the weft, be gentle not to damage the weft.
  4. Leave hair to air dry

For everyday maintenance, use a wide-toothed comb or soft-bristled brush for a fresh look in the morning or any time of the day. Avoid any creams, lotions and petroleum-based products on the hair.

If you decide to wash your hair after some time, here are is how to clean it without damaging it:

  1. Brush with a soft comb before washing
  2. Wash gently using warm water, then shampoo and rinse. Do not rub, squeeze or comb yet.
  3. Apply good conditioner and detangle slowly with a wide comb. Rinse completely with warm water.
  4. Pat gently with a towel and lay hair flat or hang to air dry completely.

The Silky Straight Empress Collection comes in three colours; #1B, #2 and #1B/33.

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