Don't Just Give a Man Your Trust. Let Him Earn It
Photo by Terrillo Walls from Pexels

If you are a hopeless romantic, you probably get carried away by tiny acts of care thrown your way by men. In fact, if I were to take a wild guess, you have probably gotten your heart broken one too many times. Why? Because you trust so easily. I’m not saying that trusting the men you date is a bad thing. All I’m saying is that giving your trust to just anyone, especially if you just met, is bound to end in premium tears. Ladies, if you start dating someone, don’t just bring down your walls. Remember, not every man has the best intentions. Some are just going to waste your time, use and dump you. So taking a while before you trust a man is important so you don’t get your heart broken. So how should a man earn your trust? Here are a few things a man should do before you give him your trust:

He opens up to you

Before you give a man your trust, he should allow you to know him intimately. To gain trust, he needs to give it too. A man who truly cares and is genuine has no fears being himself around you and doesn’t pretend to be somebody he isn’t. He lets his guard down when it comes to you. When you see him sharing things about himself that you yourself would have trouble sharing, your doubts should start sliding away.

He is consistent with you

Men are good at making women feel special during the initial stages of dating. But once they go steady or after a year of being together, their treatment towards them turn sour. When a man is consistent with how he treats you and doesn’t switch up on you, you should give him your trust. A man who is genuine will remain sweet and affectionate to you all throughout the relationship.

He doesn’t break promises

Nothing breaks trust faster than broken promises. Not only is it downright disrespectful but also heartbreaking when someone you care about breaks promises left, right and centre. Therefore, a man who keeps his promises to you and doesn’t disappoint you is worth your trust because he genuinely cares for you.

He lets you know if he messes up

Everyone messes up. It’s human nature to make mistakes. However, a man who makes mistakes and tries to cover them up from you is not worth giving your trust to. If you have to find out about these mistakes from other sources, this is a huge red flag.

He doesn’t care much about you seeing his phone

If you’ve ever just randomly picked up his phone and he tried to snatch it out of your hands, an alarm should definitely go off. If he’s got nothing to hide, then that is definitely not the reaction you should get. The reality must be quite different in that case. If he’s able to comfortably check his phone in front of you, answer calls or texts, it’s a good sign.

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