Stuck in an Unhappy Relationship
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There’s nothing worse than when you fall in love with someone while overlooking red flags galore. A few years later, you find yourself looking across the dinner table at someone you can’t stand. For many women, that isn’t enough to leave a relationship. You’re probably reading this and thinking — that’s me. I get it, for women like you, you need more than just resentment to get up and walk away from a relationship that you feel is unfulfilling. That’s not all though, there are so many other reasons why women like you stay in relationships that no longer excite you. Here are 5 probable reasons why many women stay stuck in unhappy relationships:

Dating is scary

When you start dating someone and fall in love with them, you tend to overlook some red flags. You hold on to them because dating now, as we know it is messed up! You either worry that you won’t find someone you are compatible with or you will end up being single forever. So you hold on to an unhappy and unhealthy relationship simply for these reasons.

You have kids together

Staying together for the kids is actually a thing. It’s one of the most common excuses that many women use to stay in an unhappy relationship. But truth is, if you are unhappy in your relationship with your kids’ father, the kids will know it and will suffer just as much as you.

You have no one else

Many women get into relationships and their social circle dwindles down to their spouse’s friends and friends’ girlfriends. When a breakup is on the horizon, they envision their lives without all those people and realize that their entire life could crumble to the ground without the man they’re with. Because of this, they end up stuck in unhappy relationships for the simple reason of fearing being alone.

You think the clock is ticking

If a woman really wants kids and she’s pushing a certain age, she’ll stay in an unhappy relationship with someone for that reason. Men have the luxury of waiting it out for the right one, but a woman doesn’t if she wants to carry her own child. But don’t let this be the reason why you end up being stuck in an unhappy relationship. Children need happy mothers. And besides, having kids doesn’t define your womanhood.

For financial security

Some women can be incredibly materialistic and want guys that can shower them with gifts and fly them off to luxurious places. When they have that, they end up being pretty reluctant to leave that kind of situation behind. The truth is, it’s tough out there on one income. Even two incomes can hardly pay for the finer things in life these days. So if you are accustomed to a certain lifestyle and you meet a man that can help provide that, you might use it as an excuse to stay in an unhappy relationship.

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