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Before You Quit that Job, Try These 5 Things

Before You Quit that Job, Try These 5 Things

Work is hard, and even if you’re incredibly passionate about your field, you can still experience bouts of frustration, burnout, or general unhappiness. If your situation begins to feel unbearable, you may start experiencing thoughts about quitting that job. However, before you act on that impulse, you can try utilizing the following advice:

Grab coffee with your co-workers

If you’re struggling to find joy in your current line of work, ask a co-worker who loves the work what they enjoy about it and model that. Doing this offers you a fresh perspective and can reignite the passion that led you to accept the job offer, to begin with.

Make some lists

Before you quit your job, try writing down the things you like doing in your job as well as the things you don’t. Come up with ways you could do more of what brings you joy, and ways to do less of what you don’t like doing. Delegate with permission from your boss, automate mundane tasks, find someone that likes doing what you don’t like to do and see if they can take on some of the work.

Address issues with your boss

You can also communicate with your boss about issues you feel can be addressed and improved over time.“If it’s appropriate and your boss would be open to it, talk about how your job could be redesigned to give you more of what you like and less of what you don’t like.

Remember, you’re a valuable asset to your employer and your happiness is vital to their success. Also, a problem cannot be resolved if nobody knows there’s an issue in the first place.

Take a vacation
Burnout is completely normal and is something that even the most dedicated and passionate employees experience. In fact, being burnt out can make even the best employees feel like they want to quit a job they love. Those who are hyper-invested in their careers run a particular risk of burnout since they may be less likely to step away from the office.

Interestingly, people who don’t use their vacation time are less likely to receive a promotion, raise, or bonus compared to those who did take their earned off time. Stepping away allows you to regenerate and reconnect with yourself, thereby improving your creativity, energy levels, and general gusto.

Invest in a hobby

If your 9 to 5 job doesn’t hold any passion for you, I would suggest you find volunteer work or a hobby that does hold some passion for you so that you feel a sense of gratification in your life. This can also apply if you’re experiencing burnout or are feeling stuck in your career.

In the same way, taking a vacation can help you recharge, so can spending time on a hobby. Consider signing up for a painting class, starting an at-home project, throwing yourself into a fitness routine, joining a chorus, or signing up for a weekly trivia night.

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