How to Dress for Unpredictable Weather

We are officially in that season where you wake up in the morning and find it’s raining but after a few hours, the sun is frying hot! So you dress heavily in the morning and carry all your umbrellas but in the afternoon, you’re sweating from all the heavy clothes you wore. Something has to give. It’s even more awkward walking around in your mud boots in the afternoon when it’s stooped raining and now it’s hot. So how do you dress in the morning with this kind of unpredictable weather? Do you dress heavy or light? If you’ve been asking yourself this question, you’re not alone. Lucky for you and many others, I’ve rounded up some tips you can use when dressing up during this season. Here are some tips to dress and be prepared for unpredictable weather:

Layering your outfits.

This is my number one go-to dressing tip that I find saves me a lot of trouble during this crazy weather. If you have on enough layers you can cool down by taking some off and stay warm by keeping them on. Scarves, cardigans, capes are good layers. Also, make sure you wear versatile pieces that can easily transition from cold weather to warm weather.

Choose your clothes materials carefully

Lighter and breathable materials are a must for the layers outfits. When you get a breathable t-shirt, under light cashmere and you top it up with a water-resistant trenchcoat. You will be ready for anything. The unpredictable weather won’t have anything on you and how you will be dressed.

Carry a big bag

A big size handbag will come in handy when you need to take off all the extra layers once it gets too hot. Additionally, your essentials like tissues and hand cream will still need to go with you everywhere you go.

Have an umbrella just incase it rains

Carry a small collapsible umbrella in your tote and a folded plastic bag to put the wet umbrella in. You never know when it’s going to start pouring down!

Don’t go too heavy on the shoes

When choosing which shoes to wear for unpredictable weather, go for comfortable closed shoes that aren’t too warm but will protect your feet.

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