No-Makeup Makeup Look

There’s a reason the no-makeup makeup look is still as popular as it was when it first went viral. Women all over the world are obsessed with this look because not only is it flattering, but it also looks effortless and elegant. Additionally, the no-makeup makeup look kicks off some time from your makeup routine in the morning when you’re in a rush. Have you been wondering how you can achieve a no-makeup makeup look? I’ve rounded up some tips to help you achieve this look easily and effortlessly.

Use a tinted primer/ moisturizer

Primers are super helpful with the natural look because they smoothen your skin and creates a skin-perfecting base, meaning you can use less face makeup. Primers are also great for helping your makeup last longer, and there are now tons of different primers to choose from depending on your skin type and needs. A tinted primer can help smoothen any fine lines, wrinkles or large pores.

Forego the foundation and instead conceal

For a no-makeup look, it is crucial to stick to a natural complexion. Therefore, to really nail this look, ditch the foundation or use a very small amount. To, therefore, look flawless but still makeup-free, simply use a good concealer to hide dark circles and any other blemishes. Use a generous amount and blend furiously to achieve an even skin tone.

Use powder sparingly

Unlike your normal makeup, the no-makeup makeup look requires that you use less to none powder. Use it sparingly and only on specific areas you get oily and want matte. This way, your skin can shine through and look natural. To truly nail this look, use a sheer pressed powder that will effortlessly blur away imperfections and unwanted shine.

Embrace your natural brows

Less is more when it comes to clean, groomed brows, which is what you want for the natural makeup look. Using a brow gel is as easy as it gets—just swipe the wand up and outward to smooth and shape your arches. You can use a tinted version in a shade that matches your brow colour. To shape them, simply swipe through with a clean spoolie after you’ve applied your brow gel.

Don’t skip on highlighter

Use a highlighter strategically on the tip of your nose, your cheek bones, cupids bow and chin to make your skin glow.

Swipe on a lip tint

The last step to complete your natural-looking makeup? Adding a tint of colour to your lips. A really gorgeous, natural way to go with lip colour is a tinted balm

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