It should come as a no-brainer that your body does change after having a baby. However, many new moms underestimate just how much change their bodies go through until they have the baby and they can’t bounce back to a size 8. If you’re a new mum, not only will your tummy take its sweet, sweet time to recede, but you’ll also be left with flab, bulges and pouches that no one ever told you would stay. Mix in lack of sleep, no time to shower and the odd stretch mark and it’s no wonder learning to love our body once again is such hard work! But all hope is not lost – thank the heavens for shapewear! New mothers can still look good and dare I say sexy with a little help from postpartum shapewear that puts back everything where it should be. Here are 4 types of shapewear that every new mother should own for some added support:


For those of you who prefer something that gives you control for all areas of your torso, opt for a shaping tank top or bodysuit. Just be sure to go for styles that help make nursing easier. A bodysuit is one of the easiest ways to give your body full support.

Tummy control underwear

Tummy-control underwear is the easiest way to give your postpartum middle section an extra lift, no matter what you decide to wear. Look for those high-waist silhouettes. If you want ultimate comfort, opt for seamless styles to wear under dresses and skirts. You’ll practically forget you’re wearing these under your clothes.

Waist Wraps and Bands

Waist wraps and bands are the perfect shapewear for new mothers looking for additional support to their everyday ensembles. Not only do waist wraps help give you a smooth look, but they also help to aid your body in returning to its pre-pregnancy glory. Pair them with other shapewear options, such as shorts or a bodysuit.

Body Shaping Shorts

Without a doubt, this type of shapewear will provide all of the support you need if you’re a new mother. Anything with extensive tummy-control is a great option for new moms. And if you decide to wear a skirt and want extra coverage, these are the perfect styles to own.

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