5 Ways to Spice Up a Boring Relationship

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Ways to Spice Up a Boring Relationship

Is your relationship going through a rut? Is your sex life almost non-existent? Well, when two people have been together for a long time, a relationship may become boring and not as exciting as it once was when you first met. It could be as a result of having kids or having busy schedules that eat up into your personal lives. While this may not necessarily mean that the relationship is dead, it’s important to keep the sparks alive. Here are 5 ways you can spice up your relationship:

Surprise each other

One of the major reasons why relationships lose the spark and become boring is because people stop surprising each other. Early into a relationship, both partners make effort in buying each other gifts or surprising them with small and big acts of love. These are the things that spice up a relationship and keep it exciting. Not only are surprises good at cheering up your partner, but they are also good for you. Who doesn’t love the look on a loved one’s face when you’ve presented them with something unexpected and kind?

Unplug from your devices

Our phones are our best friends and our worst distractions — especially when it comes to interacting with our partners and loved ones. There’s nothing more impersonal than telling your significant partner about your day only to have them respond by occasionally looking up from scrolling through their phone.

To avoid this mishap, make it a goal to detach from technology when trying to spend personal time together. Even though this sounds like a small action, it’s one that’ll ignite the large connection that you may have felt was fading.

Revisit places you used to love

I’m not telling you to live in the past, but revisiting places you both used to love can bring back the spark you once had. If early into the relationship you enjoyed dressing up for dates and going to a certain restaurant, you can relive those moments by doing exactly that. If you enjoyed taking hikes together, plan a weekend where you can go on a nature trail. Revisiting a place that means something to your relationship will not only bring back the nostalgia of the old days but remind you that those feelings are still alive today.

Explore together

Nothing spices up a boring relationship and brings back the sparks than doing something new together. Exploring together can be as simple as travelling together to a new place. When you experience something new with someone, you associate that novelty with that person. By travelling, you will start associating novelty and excitement with your partner, and that will bring you both together and make you more attracted to each other.

Spend time away from each other

The saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is so accurate especially in relationships and marriages. Sometimes we don’t recognize how much we care about people until we miss them. It’s much harder to appreciate someone when you’re constantly around them. Therefore to spice up your relationship, make a conscious effort to occupy yourself with your friends and hobbies and enjoy the relief that comes over you when you see your partner after a long day with everyone but him or her. Even better, you can take trips away from your partner for some few days and miss each other.


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