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How to Find the Right Shoes for Your Body Type

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Dressing for your body type doesn’t stop at finding the right clothes for your body. Your shoes also play a very big role in how exactly your overall appearance looks. You may not realize it, but wearing the wrong shoes can make you appear shorter, wider, or disproportionate. That’s why it’s important to find the right shoes that complement your body type. Here are some tips to help you find shoes that flatter and complement your body:


If you have an hourglass body shape, you are very lucky. This is the ideal body shape and is defined as being curvy in the bust and booty with a tiny waist. Peep-toe heels and rounded shoes are perfect for hourglass shapes as they can compliment your curves. In order to contrast the curviness of your legs, a great option would be shoes with sturdy heels, such as wedges. Thin heels may emphasize the heaviness of your leg.


Pear-shaped women are bottom-heavy, meaning that you might have wide ankles, and a fuller midriff-to-toe area. To bring some balance to your silhouette avoid the strappy sandals – gladiator, lace-up – and also boots that are too tight and not from stretchy material. Think open-toe wedges, heeled sneakers, and neutral colors.

Inverted triangle

Those with an inverted triangle body shape have wide shoulders, a broad chest, narrow waist and hips, and skinny legs. They also tend to be athletic and strong. If you’re an inverted triangle, ballet flats are the perfect shoes to compliment your slim legs. Choose bright colours to draw more attention to your smaller lower half. Chunky sandals with ankle straps also work because they help balance your top half. However, if your legs are on the athletic side, it is better to go with super high heels with pointy or open-toes, or slouchy boots with side zippers.


The apple-shaped body is bulkier around the abdominal area with slimmer arms and legs, and probably not that ample a cleavage. In that case, stilettos will do the magic, drawing attention to your legs and distracting your audience from your abs. Shoes with decorated ankle straps, interesting colors, and other eye-catching details are ideal.


This body shape is characterized by a straight, athletic build with little waist definition. The best shoes for rectangle shapes are simple pumps in a neutral tone to elongate the legs. Textured shoes like tennis shoes, loafers, and moccasins are great for this body type. Choose round or oval shoes such as ballerina flats or Mary Janes to add more femininity to your athletic build. Rectangle shapes are generally on the thin side with thin legs. Shoes with t-straps or slender heels are perfect for this body type. Avoid heavier heels as they may emphasis your thin legs even more.

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