How to Do Makeup If You Have Oily Skin

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How to Do Makeup If You Have Oily Skin
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Now that we already know how to take care of oily skin, it’s also important we learn how to do makeup on oily skin. I know what you’re thinking – you’ve probably given up on doing makeup. If you have oily skin, you probably feel as though you have the least control on your face. You probably experience shine and sweatiness throughout the day. It’s even worse when you try to do makeup. The good news is, there are steps you can take to create an amazing oily skin makeup routine that will ensure your makeup stays in place:

Start with a mattifying primer

Regardless of what type of skin you may have, you should always start your makeup routine with a good primer. Now, for oily skin, you should use a mattifying primer if you want your makeup to stay oil and shine-proof around the clock. This is because unlike other primers, a mattifying one works by soaking up any excess oil that’s sitting on the skin. It also works by blurring and smoothing out skin pores. Stay away from any oil-based primers as they will make your makeup look greasy. When buying a mattifying primer make sure they contain some oil-absorbing ingredients such as salicylic acid and witch hazel.

Apply a matte foundation

One of the greatest inventions in the beauty industry has go to be matte foundations. So, if you have oily skin, you’ll want to look for a foundation that has a matte finish and lucky for you, there are tons of matte foundations right now in the market. It’s best to avoid anything with a radiant finish since that can make your skin look overly greasy.

Set you makeup with powder

A setting powder is crucial for oily skin as it’ll help lock in your makeup all day long, plus it’ll help smooth out your complexion. If you don’t get super oily and want to achieve a dewy finish, apply a light dusting of powder to your T-zone as these are the areas that get oily. But it’s best to set your face all over for oil and shine-free look all day.

Remember setting spray

Setting spray is an important step when applying makeup for oily skin that you don’t want to skip out on. This is because not only does setting spray keep your makeup from sliding around your face but it also keeps the shine away throughout the day.

Carry blotting papers

No matter how flawless and matte your makeup looks in the morning, if you’re prone to oiliness, you’ll spot shine by midday. Blotting sheets simply lift the oil from your skin. The trick to using blotting papers without taking off all of your makeup is to press the paper where you’re oily and then roll it off your skin, instead of rubbing the paper on your skin.

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