How to Wear Ruffles Like a True Fashionista

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How to Wear Ruffles Like a True Fashionista

Ruffles are the absolute celebration of all things girly and romantic. Ruffled sleeves, one-shouldered ruffles, ruffled skirts, off the shoulder ruffles – there are so many kinds to choose from. They are as appealing as they sound but how do you wear ruffles and not look like an absolute mess? Here are some simple tips to ensure you’re ruffle-ready this and every season:

If you have a small bust

If you have a small bust, wearing a horizontal ruffle that runs along your chest will help add volume. This will make you look curvier, helping to balance out your frame.

For instance, you might wear a button-down blouse with a small ruffle about halfway between your bust and your collarbone. Then, pair that with slim-fitting trousers and heels. By making the bottom half of your body look more slender, you’ll help enhance your bust even more. Ruffles along your collar may also make your bust look larger, especially if the ruffles are wide.

If you have a large bust.

If you have a large chest, horizontal ruffles can make it look bigger. If you’d like to minimize the area, look for a top that has a ruffle running down the centre. This will create a lengthening illusion, making your top half look leaner. Try pairing this look with a pair of flare-legged jeans and chunky sandals or heels. This will help balance your frame.

Wear a ruffled skirt to make your hips look wider

If you have narrow hips and you’d like them to look bigger, ruffles are a great way to add volume. One of the simplest ways is to find a skirt or a dress with ruffles along the hips. You can also look for a shirt with ruffles along the bottom hem.

For instance, you might wear a tank dress with a fitted bodice and a ruffled skirt. Pair that with strappy sandals for a playful weekend look, or opt for heels and a cute necklace for a glam night out!

Choose ruffles on the bottom of a skirt or dress to balance wider hips

If your hips are the widest part of your body, avoid wearing a dress or a skirt with ruffles along that area. Instead, choose garments with ruffles along the hem. By adding volume where your legs start to narrow, you’ll create a flattering silhouette for your bottom half.

For instance, you might wear a figure-skimming sheath dress with a ruffled hem and a pair of neutral pumps for a pretty, work-friendly look. If you have wide hips and a small bust, you can choose whether to add volume at the bottom of your look or across your chest.

Keep the rest of your outfit and your accessories simple

Ruffles are basically the equivalent of having an accessory on your clothing, and they can overwhelm your frame if you don’t pay attention to your styling. Stick to a sleek silhouette in the rest of your outfit, and try to keep your jewellery and other accessories minimal, just as you would when you’re wearing an eye-catching statement necklace.

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