The Vagina Facial (Vajacial)

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Vagina Facial (Vajacial)
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As if things couldn’t get any more complicated for the vagina – here comes a new trend. The Vagina facial or popularly known as vajacial is gaining popularity among Kenyan women as did many other treatments that have been invented for the vagina. The procedure has become so popular now that spas and salons alike are offering the treatment and ladies have more than welcomed the idea. If you’re reading this and have no idea what a vajacial is, you’re not alone. The technique, though popular, is also a new phenomenon among many women. A vajacial is technically a facial for the vagina – but not entirely. It only involves the external parts of the vagina – the bikini line, pubic mound (the V-shaped area where most of your pubic hair grows), and outer labia.

How a vajacial is performed

Much like getting a facial, a vajacial basically involves exfoliation and a steaming process. However, these processes differ from one spa or salon to the other. Some spas include ingrown hair treatment and/or removal, while others include abdominal massages and the use of LED lights for antibacterial purposes. A vajacial might also include a “v-mask” (like a mud mask for one’s vulva).

Who can benefit from the treatment?

Just about any woman can benefit from getting a vajacial. However, this treatment can be more than beneficial for women who experience vaginal acne and other skin problems. If you experience vaginal acne, you can request that they include an exfoliation scrub and ingrown hair removal in the vajacial.

For other women without any complications down there, the procedure can benefit them by just improving the appearance of the vulva. Because the skin around the vagina is usually covered up most of the time, it can be prone to sweat and heat and consequently causing darkening. The same goes for if you constantly shave or wax your bikini area. To curb darkening and ingrown hairs in this area, a vajacial can actually be beneficial.

Precautions to take

If you do decide to get a vajacial, you should make sure you’re in experienced hands. The area around the vagina is very sensitive and just the slightest misstep can cause serious complications on your vagina. It is, therefore, important to also look for a place that is hygienic. Don’t be swayed by cheap prices. While there are many places that offer this treatment, go to a medical spa. Here, you are assured that the aestheticians are properly trained in intimate care. Also, make sure that the place you choose to get a vagina facial uses proper safety precautions such as gloves, that they’re using proper disinfecting practices.

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