4 Ways You Can Dress Your Body Insecurities Better

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4 Ways You Can Dress Your Body Insecurities Better

Every woman, whether she admits it or not, has something they are insecure about when it comes to her body. It could her hands, hips or nose – whatever the case if you’re ever insecure about a part of your body, know that you’re not alone. While body positivity activists will encourage you to flaunt your flaws and accept them, I understand that you might not be there yet. And quite frankly, that’s okay. If you are on your way to loving your body the way it is or working towards changing the way it looks, I know one fix that will work in the meantime – dressing it better! Here are ways you can dress your body better if you have insecurities:

Get your clothes tailored

Getting your garments tailored won’t fix your insecurities but it will help with many common fit issues, so when you dress up your body will look and feel better. Say, for example, you are insecure about your belly, having your clothes tailored will ensure that your problem areas are not amplified by your clothes. You may be thinking that getting tailored clothes means spending huge amounts of money, but when you think about it, not only do you get quality clothes but you also have a chance to show your style through your clothes.

Wear loose clothes

To dress your body insecurities better, you should wear loose-fitting clothes – and I don’t mean baggy clothes in general. Many women who feel insecure about their bodies usually have specific body parts about which they are most conscious. Therefore, the key is to wear loose clothes that will strategically help in hiding that particular part of the body, without exposing it. For example, if you are conscious about your hips, then consider wearing non-fitted clothes or shift dresses that help in taking attention away from that part of your body.

Don’t follow trends

Following trends is the easiest way to fail your body in terms of dressing it. This is because some trends, even though, they may look cool may actually amplify the insecurities on your body. It is important that you, instead, buy clothes that serve a purpose. Look for the clothes that would help in flaunting your positives and hiding your negatives.

Go with what’s most comfortable

When you’re not comfortable in what you are dressed in because maybe you feel that your body insecurities have been amplified, then you are less confident. This is why wearing the clothes that you love is key in dressing better and more elegant.

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