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6 Things Short Women Should Avoid Wearing

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If you are under 5’3, it’s likely that you are generally considered to be short by most people around you. Because of your height, you have probably bought clothes that looked outstanding on models or on mannequins in the shop but didn’t always do you justice once you wore them. Yes, it’s true that certain styles don’t always flatter a shorter figure. That’s why I have come up with a list of all the things that short women like you should avoid wearing.

Horizontal stripes

The stripes you choose to wear can have an effect on your overall height. How? It’s all based on the visual effect created by stripes in clothes.

For horizontal stripes, the eye travels naturally across the body, creating a broader look. For this reason, short women who want to look taller will benefit from avoiding the horizontal game and going vertical, so that the eye travels up rather than across the body.

Baggy clothes

Short women should in general go for figure-conscious clothing and avoid wearing any and all baggy clothes, especially the bottoms.

There has been an increasing buzz about boyfriend jeans in recent years, as they are comfortable to wear because of the relaxed fit. However, they are not flattering for short girls, if the fit is too relaxed.

Cropped pants

Cropped pants aren’t always the best bet for the less leggy. This is because these pants tend to cut shorter legs in half, creating the illusion that they’re even shorter. Short women should therefore avoid wearing such pants because they tend to create a stumpy effect rather than elongating your figure.

Ankle-strap shoes

For short women, wearing pumps is better than wearing ankle straps. The reason is ankle straps create a horizontal line across your ankle and cuts off your legs. The horizontal line is more obvious if the shoes are dark colours such as black or navy.

Pumps without ankle stripes will make your legs look longer than they are and will make you look taller.

Oversized bags

There are many benefits of carrying a large bag that can hold everything. We all need the space in our bag to hold our daily planner, smart phone, wallet, keys, lipsticks and compact, to name a few.

While large bags are very useful for practical purpose, they are not the best fashion choice for short women. Big bags can dwarf the person that carries them. Petite women should, therefore, carry bags proportional to their sizes, that is small to medium size bags.

Big belts

If you like big belts and consider yourself a short woman, I urge you to reconsider what you’re buckling around your waist. The problem with this accessory is that it, in essence, cuts your body in half. So, if you’re wearing a two- or three-inch-thick belt, you virtually just lost three visual inches on your frame.

You can still wear a belt, just think thin! Also, keep in mind, if you choose a belt that’s the same color as your trousers or skirt, you’ll make your legs look even longer. The monochromatic color continues the vertical line of your legs.

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